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Hey y'all! If you are new to following me, welcome. If not, so grateful for you sticking around with me. I've decided to bring my blog back since I converted it in the past as a link directly to my e-commerce shop. I wish I would have thought more into my transition before making sudden changes. I just thought it would be best to use my business name for my shop website as my main domain. But, I notice while doing so with all the social media changes, Instagram to be exact which is always changing the way we connect thanks to algorithm. It is difficult to stay in touch with my followers because of the constant changes with Instagram. So I think it's better for us all to connect this way so if you happen to see my profile or find me "in a needle in a hay stack" on Instagram you can easily just click the link in my bio and find the latest information here.

I'm going to do my next post on my favorite supplies, that I used almost all the time for hand lettering or modern calligraphy. I have some exciting things also in progress that are coming up like my Procreate Lettering workbook for iPad Pro users which is schedule to release in March 2018. I will keep you all posted as the date get's closure. I'm so proud of myself actually taking the time to get this rolling. I've released a workbook before while on Etsy a year ago, which I'm going to also revamp and roll out this year as well. No date at this time for that one but I am working on it. 

So basically what you will find here related to hand lettering projects or lettering/calligraphy supplies, daily encouragement, or just me sharing some inspiration to brighten your day. I want this to be again as I said a way for me to connect with those who feel inspired by my work. I'm also thinking about rolling out a video series or some video tutorial for the Procreate Lettering workbook so my visual learners will have something to look to while using my Procreate Lettering workbook. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Also, if you have any questions relating to any lettering or something I've done that you felt inspired to do, please just contact me via email by using the contact form in the footer down below. 

Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope we will be able to communicate and connect better this way in the near future. Have a blessed week!

- Anetria 




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